Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Day

UTAH New Year’s Day-arrived safely on a 54 passenger Delta aircraft. Margo and I sat together in the bulk head. There is very little room in those planes. Bruce and his youngest picked us up. Margo was tired but happy and COLD. The challenge of keeping her blood pressure low is constant, but success has been acceptable. Margo and I both rested until Blake and part of his family came down for dinner. Jack arrived after driving across the desert with a car full of our needs, wants, and even some things that are neither.
Margo checks into the hospital Sunday sometime in prep for the procedure the next day. The MD did the same procedure 2 times last week. We are thankful he is well seasoned. I am told it is NOT a surgery. If you want to know more, Google “aorta intravienous stent”. My spelling might be inaccurate. You will find more than you want to know. You can even find out about her stent and placement. After inviting everyone to visit, Jack would prefer she not have too many visitors. She will be here about 3 weeks and should be feeling pretty good after the first week. I will keep you current here.
Margo’s Advice: If you want your skin to look better, more healthy, with fewer flaws………………..take off your glasses-kp

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