Monday, January 5, 2009

Post Surgery 3:30 PM

Dr. Graham came out to talk to us at 11:10. Only problem was Blake had not arrived from going to the gym and Jack was taking a break away from the waiting room. The news from the mouth of the MD was the stents were placed and the surgery was a success. I had good news for Jack when he returned to the waiting room. We called the kids to report in then ate delicious sandwiches Blake brought to us. WE CELEBRATED!
About 2:00 we could go into ICU to see Margo. She looked really good, a little pale, and was NUTTY from the anesthetic BUT, the first thing Margo said was, "Why am I paying for a private room?" The inner Margo was coming out, and it was FUN! We left about 3:00 to come to Blake's. ICU is closed from 3:30-5:30 for shift change. Because of the anesthetic Margo kept asking the same questions over and over as if we had never answered them and we felt it would be better for her to sleep rather than getting frustrated with no really understanding. Blake called from the hospital during his break from the ER at about 4:00 and said not to bother to come because Margo is still not completely out of anesthetic goofiness. We will play it by ear. There is a lot of snow and driving is SLOW. It is still snowing.
We are thankful for your good wishes and numerous prayers. Thank you for not sending chocolate! :-) Margo has recieved a beautiful flower arrangement and some bread and nuts.
We are blessed and thankful. We know where our blessings come from and you are the messanger of many of Heavenly Father's blessings. KP
(I found my cell phone and cannot get my computer on the Internet so I am on Blake's computer.)


  1. Grinning from ear to ear here in Salt Lake City! We love all of you. Cozette Mike & Tribe

  2. So happy to hear things went well. I would love to hear her goofiness. Thanks for keeping us posted. We love you all.
    April & Bob

  3. Great news! All of Paradise is cheering.
    All our love,
    Mike & Kate McDonald

  4. Oh good...happy news!! Keep us posted!

    The Freebairn's

  5. Our prayers are answered!

    The Mayos

  6. Yeah - Yeah - Yeah - so glad to hear the procedure was a success. thanks, Karen, for being the court reporter - our prayers and love to you all - Bobbie & Dave