Sunday, January 4, 2009


All is well. We are getting ready for dinner then heading for Ogden to the hospital.
We went to church, but Margo stayed home and had a cousin come visit. I guess that is almost as good as church.
Found the procedure "live" and in "living color" on the internet and Margo watched it last evening-facinating! The more we find out the better we all feel about it.
The handy hint from Margo is the tape residue that turns black on skin cannot be removed by alcohol, findernail polish remover, or gasoline (Jack's idea that we did not try especially since it included lighting a match.) It can be removed very gently with baby oil. The side effect is she smells like a baby and her skin is that soft.
Next entry might not be until after the report from the doctor tomorrow about noon! kp


  1. We're praying for Margo and the family...I'm sure all will go well! ox

  2. I know it is late, but I just want to let you and your family know that our family is praying for you Margo. Karen, thank you for creating this blog to keep everyone up to date on Margo’s health. I do not read my email as often as I should and had no idea about Margo until a few days ago! What a shock! What a blessing that see has such a loving family all around her, a glued to the hip sister, a eternal companion, and 2 doctors, and 2 other very smart and loving children to take care of her. Of course our Heavenly Father is with her and all of you constantly. Best of luck to you especially Margo in the morning and our love to you and all of the family. We will be thinking of you and anxiously waiting for an up date on how things went.

    Love to you all, Sheri and John Mendon