Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jan 6

Message from Blake is when he left at 12:30 AM she was still slightly goofy, but I am, too, so it must run in the family. He said she is doing well but might be kept in ICU another night because of blood pressure problems. They have the staff to monitor her better there.
Needed to call HDP this AM to check in and started to wonder when he did not answer the phone between 6:50 and 7:15. That is his breakfast time. Blane said there were no lights; so he went to check for me. Solution: I need to remember that Calif. is 1 hr. BEHIND Utah time and not 1 hr. AHEAD.
Will take the computer to the hospital and when they kick us out, I will make another entry. kp


  1. So glad to hear that the surgery was a huge success! I was at my favorite dentist on Monday morning about 11:30 am. (Pacific Time), and he said the surgeon found the split in the aorta and was able to repair it. That is great news. It sounds like her blood pressure is still giving her a bit of trouble. That just means that we all need to pray a bit extra! Thanks for all the updates. Give Margo my love and Jack a hug. I love you Karen. Sheri M.

  2. Great news. May the recovery be swift and complete. Our prayers continue.
    PAX and Blessings
    Armand and Donna