Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Tues. Jan 13

One week since Margo was released from the hospital. Jack said it seems like FOREVER!
We head to Ogden to her post op appointment and chest x-ray. We are armed with many question. Margo's socks are her nemesis. We have them hanging on two kitchen drawers, the tops stretched over the drawer facing, and the legs hanging down like a weird drawer pull. We hope that makes her socks more comfortable. You do understand she has taken them off when we do this. The sox also seem to give her claustrophobia. Little things frustrate her and tears come easily, BUT she is an EXCELLENT patient. I remember feeling the same way after surgery when my life was spared.
Blake and His family leave tomorrow for Cancun for a week. That was a trip Margo and Jack were taking with Blake before this slight detour.
I will make another addition to the blog this evening after returning to Riverton. My heading for Paradise is dependant on how things go at the doctor and how comfortable I feel about Margo's care. EVERYONE IS VERY HELPFUL, but they each have busy lives. My only plan is to see Margo gets the care she needs. I have to make some "educated" guesses with her blood pressure. One person doing her care is the most predictable. I hope that she soon will be able to take care of herself. I thought we were over the hurdle when she reminded ME of her meds last night, but then an hour later, she could not remember taking them. That is NO PROBLEM unless she is in charge. Until later..when I will bring you more good news from Ogden! kp

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