Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sat. Afternoon

After telling you someone might take Margo for a ride, I guess I did in a way. Jack asked me to go with him to Costo to meet Blake and help care for his kids while he made a purchase. We were heading out and Margo asked if she could go, too! We went all over running errands, even to Kaysville. Earlier, I was resting and Margo walked in to make a pronouncement to me. She made tears come to my eyes because she looked so alive and happy. She has slept less, walked more, and is so much more compared to dead! We (I) am still trying to get more than 1 cup of liquid down her and be sure she has food. There has been only one high reading on her blood pressure today and we are adjusting medication. WE WILL PREVAIL!kp-my spell ck is not working!

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