Monday, January 5, 2009


Jack and I are in the hospital waiting for Margo and the report from the MD. The sitcom TV is driving us nuts-if we were not already nuts. I've been asked why she is having surgery here and not Stanford or University of Utah. The answer in this is the top heart surgery hospital for putting in stents and Dr. Graham is the top man. I have not researched this, but Blake tells the truth.
We met with the MD last night, and he thinks he will be putting in at least 2 stents. He stated it was routine and she had the choice of being awake or asleep, and though she does not like coming out of anesthetic, she chose general because the MD said sometimes it was easier for him.
We saw Margo before surgery this AM and she looked good and was in great spirits.
I have misplaced my cell phone and that is MISERABLE because there is a list of people I was to call. SORRY-kp
More after she is in recovery. She will spend the night in ICU and is going to stay in the hospital longer because she can.

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  1. I am so thankful for your efforts to keep up this blog, Karen! We have been so concerned and have kept Margo in our daily thoughts & prayers. Thank you, again! It is very much appreciated.