Monday, January 12, 2009


It is early here, but the AM meds have been given, the kids and Sarah have gone to school, and Jack is driving Bruce to the airport for his flight to Mexico City to visit the church schools there. Margo and I are sharing the house with the cat and dog. What do I have to complain about today? Nothing! What does Margo have to complain about? She HATES her compression sox. She can take them off at bedtime when she is down, but is to put them back on before getting up in the AM. Today she has chosen to stay down rather than put the sox on. PROBLEM-not much exercise happens when she is in bed, and she is to walk 5-10 minutes several times a day. My theory is if she had to wear them all the time and not take them off except to shower, it would be easier on her. I put the sox on her the first morning and then told Jack I was not paid enough to do that task and assigned it to him. TORTURE! (I did offer to do it for twice the pay!) In my opinion, Margo's recovery is amazing. Of course, I have nothing to compare her to other than my experiences. She rises to the occasion to visit with Brook on the phone or to entertain visitors. She is quite gracious. My thoughts are the surgery was a success and now I do not want to loose her to a blood clot from not wearing the sox or pneumonia from not moving enough.
Talked to Harve and it is in the 60's in Paradise. It is VERY cold here with the wind blowing off the snow covered mountains. It would be nice to take Margo for a walk outside or to have her sit in the sun. That is not an option here! Until next time-kp

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  1. Poor Margo. When I worked in an assisted living place, all the people hated those things! And yes, they are a PAIN IN THE TUSH to put on people!! lol