Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Jan 13, 2009

"Today is the first day of the rest of your life."
Margo wants you to know she is coming clean. She really came to Utah to have plastic surgery and the aorta thing was a cover up. Or did she mean, I came to Utah to have plastic surgery?? I have never seen so many bill boards advertising lipo-suction, tummy tucks, breast augmentation, overlap trims, etc. It is worse than Las Vegas! On to the important things you have been waiting to hear about.
Margo has been released from her surgeon and does not see him again. He is very pleased with her recovery and her condition and expects to never see her again and that she will live a NORMAL life. CAN YOU BELIEVE THAT????? Because of the progress of medicine, her problem is no longer there and it cannot happen again. She has to be treated for high blood pressure for the rest of her life because she has high blood pressure and that includes limiting her salt intake. She no longer has to wear the hated compression socks and no longer is on oxygen. She has a CT scan every 6 months and her primary physician will monitor her carotid arteries every year, or more often.
Tomorrow AM we, or maybe they will go without me, go to Layton to Blake's favorite nephrologist. He specializes in kidneys thus hypertension and regulating blood pressure and blood pressure medicines.
How is Jack doing? He is very thankful and stated he will miss taking care of Margo. He has appreciated the opportunity to serve her and is a little sad that is coming to an end.
I am going home because my patient has been healed! Thanks to Harve for encouraging me to come, Brynn for setting up the blog, and to all of you for your support in deeds, cards, gifts, flowers, and prayers. We count our blessings and realize Heavenly Father works through others including doctors to accomplish His miracles. Margo has been given the gift of life, and she has the power to make what she wants of her life. The same is true for all of us. This experience has made a profound difference in me and my life, and my challenge is the same as Margo's. Thanks for being a part of the Margo Yerman miracle. Your well wishes can be sent to her at yerman@sbcglobal.net. She will remain here in Utah until after Jan. 22 when Bruce and Sarah return from the inauguration.
Over and out! kp

Tues. Jan 13

One week since Margo was released from the hospital. Jack said it seems like FOREVER!
We head to Ogden to her post op appointment and chest x-ray. We are armed with many question. Margo's socks are her nemesis. We have them hanging on two kitchen drawers, the tops stretched over the drawer facing, and the legs hanging down like a weird drawer pull. We hope that makes her socks more comfortable. You do understand she has taken them off when we do this. The sox also seem to give her claustrophobia. Little things frustrate her and tears come easily, BUT she is an EXCELLENT patient. I remember feeling the same way after surgery when my life was spared.
Blake and His family leave tomorrow for Cancun for a week. That was a trip Margo and Jack were taking with Blake before this slight detour.
I will make another addition to the blog this evening after returning to Riverton. My heading for Paradise is dependant on how things go at the doctor and how comfortable I feel about Margo's care. EVERYONE IS VERY HELPFUL, but they each have busy lives. My only plan is to see Margo gets the care she needs. I have to make some "educated" guesses with her blood pressure. One person doing her care is the most predictable. I hope that she soon will be able to take care of herself. I thought we were over the hurdle when she reminded ME of her meds last night, but then an hour later, she could not remember taking them. That is NO PROBLEM unless she is in charge. Until later..when I will bring you more good news from Ogden! kp

Monday, January 12, 2009


It is early here, but the AM meds have been given, the kids and Sarah have gone to school, and Jack is driving Bruce to the airport for his flight to Mexico City to visit the church schools there. Margo and I are sharing the house with the cat and dog. What do I have to complain about today? Nothing! What does Margo have to complain about? She HATES her compression sox. She can take them off at bedtime when she is down, but is to put them back on before getting up in the AM. Today she has chosen to stay down rather than put the sox on. PROBLEM-not much exercise happens when she is in bed, and she is to walk 5-10 minutes several times a day. My theory is if she had to wear them all the time and not take them off except to shower, it would be easier on her. I put the sox on her the first morning and then told Jack I was not paid enough to do that task and assigned it to him. TORTURE! (I did offer to do it for twice the pay!) In my opinion, Margo's recovery is amazing. Of course, I have nothing to compare her to other than my experiences. She rises to the occasion to visit with Brook on the phone or to entertain visitors. She is quite gracious. My thoughts are the surgery was a success and now I do not want to loose her to a blood clot from not wearing the sox or pneumonia from not moving enough.
Talked to Harve and it is in the 60's in Paradise. It is VERY cold here with the wind blowing off the snow covered mountains. It would be nice to take Margo for a walk outside or to have her sit in the sun. That is not an option here! Until next time-kp

Sunday, January 11, 2009


Sunday is a great day and Margo is doing better every day. She is up for longer periods of time and appears to have less pain. She has not complained of her “wound” one time today. Her blood pressure is still the uncontrolled area but it is getting better as medication is added.
Bruce was researching ways to lower blood pressure and found an article on how “passing stinky gas” lowers blood pressure. Sarah has beans on the stove today and we are organizing a service project to assist Margo in lowering her blood pressure. Jack considers it a really good service doing vicarious work for the living.
Margo is concerned that I will tell her she has not had enough water, enough exercise, etc. She is more afraid of me than her health! Today she admitted she was just lazy. It made me smile. One side effect of any heart surgery is depression. She has a daily med for that, but it probably has not kicked in yet. I think she is doing remarkably. Now that we have her on recovery, I do not want her meds fouled up or have her get pneumonia and have to deal with that. Those side effects are controllable. Until later! kp

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Sat. Afternoon

After telling you someone might take Margo for a ride, I guess I did in a way. Jack asked me to go with him to Costo to meet Blake and help care for his kids while he made a purchase. We were heading out and Margo asked if she could go, too! We went all over running errands, even to Kaysville. Earlier, I was resting and Margo walked in to make a pronouncement to me. She made tears come to my eyes because she looked so alive and happy. She has slept less, walked more, and is so much more alive.....as compared to dead! We (I) am still trying to get more than 1 cup of liquid down her and be sure she has food. There has been only one high reading on her blood pressure today and we are adjusting medication. WE WILL PREVAIL!kp-my spell ck is not working!

Saturday in Riverton

Every day Margo gets slowly better, but her progress in specific areas is inconsistent. It is not like her to sit around, and that is mostly what she does. She is watching a little TV now and is ready for visitors. Please call first and please limit the time you stay. If you want to stop by on your way to another destination and stay just a minute to say "hello", it probably would not be necessary to call. She is usually here, but since I am NOT in charge, someone could load her in the car and whisk her away.
Margo and I have great, laughing conversation, but sadly she cannot remember what we have said. Today is pick up your feet to walk, breath deeply, shoulders back, and drink 8 cups of liquid. Everything has to be recorded, because she (and Jack because he is so kind) thinks she has walked more, drank more, and breathed deeply plenty of times, etc.
Life is good, and we are blessed! kp

Friday, January 9, 2009


New snow and good to be alive. We are thankful for good friends and probably for bad ones, too. FRIENDS are GREAT.
Margo is doing better, but Jack "dropped" his "cookies" last night about 11:30 as we were getting Margo settled in bed. I AM THANKFUL HE MADE IT TO THE BATHROOM BEFORE THE ACTION. I was not looking forward to being his maid. The night went well getting up 2 times and up in time for Margo to join the Bruce Yermans for scripture study about 6:00. Margo never wants to eat so I try to fix special things that look good to her. Avocado toast is a favorite of hers right now.
Today was shower day. Every task is a chore and often quite funny. Up the 12 stairs letting her do as much as she can herself. (I am "slapping" Jack's hands to have him quit babying her.) The shower is wonderful and VERY LARGE but it seemed small with the three of us in there. Margo without a stitch, Jack in his street pants sans shoes and me in my nightgown and robe. I was not planning on getting in. My robe is quite heavy from water, but my spirits are light.
Margo LOVES her cards and flowers. Seemingly small things are treasured and enjoyed.
We still struggle with her blood pressure. She started a new med today and thus far, her readings are really good. It makes me smile because it is 11:15 in the AM and her meds were given about 8:15. We are thankful for small miracles.
Thanks for Wendy's mother, Sheila, letting us know the skin improvement technique Margo mentioned ALSO makes everyone else have nice skin, too. AMAZING! Two tricks for the price of one! TRY IT! I guess if you do not wear glasses, you can just cross your eyes. KP
PS We are trying hard to wipe the words "tired" from our vocabulary. "As a man thinketh, so is he."

Thursday, January 8, 2009


I wrote a note this AM and it is GONE! I do not even remember what it said but I am sure it was inteligent and entertaining. Fast update-We are back in Riverton at Bruce's and will head back to Ogden to the MD on Tuesday. Margo gets better every day and it depends on what you are expecting. She went up a few stairs alone today. What she says most often is "I am so tired". I BET SHE IS! KP


(Another miracle...I found my entry from this AM!)
Yesterday was a good day. I took a rest in the afternoon. When I got up Margo was gone. The sun was shining and Blake and Jack had taken her for a ride. How is Margo doing? The question would have to be "compared to what?" I'm pleased with where she has come from and where she is. The doctors are positive about her prognosis. Recovery is interesting but coming along. Jack is really cute with her. It has been VERY HARD on Jack. He needs our love and prayer, too.

How am I doing? I only write this because everyone asks. I amaze myself, and it is not ME. I have been blessed with EVERYTHING I have needed when it was needed (except my cell phone). I have been able to get up early, stay up late, hear important sounds, make good decisions, think clearly, and be in the right place at the right time. Margo and I have had some good visits and Jack and I have had a very special, fun time together. People have a hard time knowing how we are related. In the hospital two people were told I was his 2nd wife. I am the "bad guy", but Margo will only get better if she moves around, eats, drinks, takes her meds, etc. Jack wants to let Margo do what SHE remembers, and wants to let her sleep because she is so tired. Of course that is an exaggeration (slight :-). I just asked Margo what she wanted me to tell you. "I am grateful. I am grateful for people". The message was delivered with sincerity and some tears. Thanks from ME, too.

We are heading to Riverton about noon today for a few days. There is a doctor's appointment next Tuesday back up here. In Riverton, we will have the unvailing of the "wound" for the girls to see that Mita has not been ruined by the incision so she cannot wear a bikini. We'll laugh and enjoy just like we have been here in Kaysville. GREAT FAMILIES!

Margo is reading the morning paper. She looks very pretty sort of like she has had people waiting on her! :-) kp

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jan 6 PM, Jan 7 AM

Surprise! Margo is out of the hospital. Isn't that great! That means she is doing better than she looks! Jack and I went to visit, and the nurse said the doctor has released her and she can go home today! You have got to be kidding me! She has not walked to the bathroom, has not had solid food, has thrown up, is in pain, and looks like she is dead! Just before leaving the hospital, her blood pressure was 146, and PA told us it was not to go over 130. Hooray, now I get to take care of her! :-) This is Karen's intensive care!
About 7:00 PM after placing Margo in a wheel chair and delivering her to the waiting car, Jack had to lift her into the car because she was too weak to even raise her foot, then she threw up again, and we hurried to get her oxygen on her. We drove the 20 or so miles to Blake's rather than heading for Bruce's because Margo wanted to go to Blake's. It had nothing to do with anything other than she wanted to go to Blake's. After getting her in the house, it was decided by Jack and me to just stay here because she was so weak, and it would be a chore to get her back into the car and then out of the car again in Riverton. She did not care one way or the other.
It was decided to have her sleep in the couch in the family room and Jack wanted to sleep on the blow up next to her where he could help her if she needed anything. Blake, Kat, and I were visiting in the front room, I heard a noise and ran in to where she was. She needed some help and could not move. The three of us helped her for about 1/2 an hour, giving her pain meds, holding her as she threw up AGAIN, cleaned up the mess and redid her sleeping arrangement so she was sitting up more to prevent her from choking. We got her oxygen on her, visited a little, Blake and Kat said goodnight and Jack is still asleep on the floor on the blow up next to her. I have change my sleeping arrangements from the bed down stair to the love seat next to Margo...with Jack sleeping on the floor near us to help us out! I am laughing, and I am alone at the computer.
How is Margo doing? In my opinion and Blake's she should still be in the hospital. It is reassuring that the doctor who deals with these things constantly feels Margo no longer needs to be in the hospital and is doing GREAT! Whoopee!
Margo is to walk 5-10 minutes 4 times a day to increase her non-existent stamina and breath deeply to decrease her chances for pneumonia. The reminder of "big breaths" brings smiles as we think of other words that sound similar.
It is time for me to write the hospital orders that were given verbally so we all are on the same page and our memories are refreshed. WHAT A DAY TO REMEMBER and I really have not told you 1/2 of the happenings of Jan. 6, 2009. It is 12:25 but that is only 11:25 in California, unless I have messed up again. I hear the wonderful duet of snoring from the couch and blow up. LIFE IS GOOD and we are blessed. Thanks, Harve, for letting me be here! kp (I did not even read this over!) 6:25 AM. I pulled an all nighter. Now Jack tells me he was awake all the time! Do I believe him?

Jan 6

Message from Blake is when he left at 12:30 AM she was still slightly goofy, but I am, too, so it must run in the family. He said she is doing well but might be kept in ICU another night because of blood pressure problems. They have the staff to monitor her better there.
Needed to call HDP this AM to check in and started to wonder when he did not answer the phone between 6:50 and 7:15. That is his breakfast time. Blane said there were no lights; so he went to check for me. Solution: I need to remember that Calif. is 1 hr. BEHIND Utah time and not 1 hr. AHEAD.
Will take the computer to the hospital and when they kick us out, I will make another entry. kp

Monday, January 5, 2009

Post Surgery 3:30 PM

Dr. Graham came out to talk to us at 11:10. Only problem was Blake had not arrived from going to the gym and Jack was taking a break away from the waiting room. The news from the mouth of the MD was the stents were placed and the surgery was a success. I had good news for Jack when he returned to the waiting room. We called the kids to report in then ate delicious sandwiches Blake brought to us. WE CELEBRATED!
About 2:00 we could go into ICU to see Margo. She looked really good, a little pale, and was NUTTY from the anesthetic BUT, the first thing Margo said was, "Why am I paying for a private room?" The inner Margo was coming out, and it was FUN! We left about 3:00 to come to Blake's. ICU is closed from 3:30-5:30 for shift change. Because of the anesthetic Margo kept asking the same questions over and over as if we had never answered them and we felt it would be better for her to sleep rather than getting frustrated with no really understanding. Blake called from the hospital during his break from the ER at about 4:00 and said not to bother to come because Margo is still not completely out of anesthetic goofiness. We will play it by ear. There is a lot of snow and driving is SLOW. It is still snowing.
We are thankful for your good wishes and numerous prayers. Thank you for not sending chocolate! :-) Margo has recieved a beautiful flower arrangement and some bread and nuts.
We are blessed and thankful. We know where our blessings come from and you are the messanger of many of Heavenly Father's blessings. KP
(I found my cell phone and cannot get my computer on the Internet so I am on Blake's computer.)


Jack and I are in the hospital waiting for Margo and the report from the MD. The sitcom TV is driving us nuts-if we were not already nuts. I've been asked why she is having surgery here and not Stanford or University of Utah. The answer in this is the top heart surgery hospital for putting in stents and Dr. Graham is the top man. I have not researched this, but Blake tells the truth.
We met with the MD last night, and he thinks he will be putting in at least 2 stents. He stated it was routine and she had the choice of being awake or asleep, and though she does not like coming out of anesthetic, she chose general because the MD said sometimes it was easier for him.
We saw Margo before surgery this AM and she looked good and was in great spirits.
I have misplaced my cell phone and that is MISERABLE because there is a list of people I was to call. SORRY-kp
More after she is in recovery. She will spend the night in ICU and is going to stay in the hospital longer because she can.

Sunday, January 4, 2009


All is well. We are getting ready for dinner then heading for Ogden to the hospital.
We went to church, but Margo stayed home and had a cousin come visit. I guess that is almost as good as church.
Found the procedure "live" and in "living color" on the internet and Margo watched it last evening-facinating! The more we find out the better we all feel about it.
The handy hint from Margo is the tape residue that turns black on skin cannot be removed by alcohol, findernail polish remover, or gasoline (Jack's idea that we did not try especially since it included lighting a match.) It can be removed very gently with baby oil. The side effect is she smells like a baby and her skin is that soft.
Next entry might not be until after the report from the doctor tomorrow about noon! kp

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sat. Jan. 3

All is well. We are struggling a little with blood pressure (Margo's not mine!) but doing OK.
Margo had too much company today and is tired. Right now she is learning to be an MD by reading the pamphlet on how the procedure is done. We are hoping the doctor has read the book! The stent is made by GORE (W.L. Gore and Associates, Inc.) I would suppose it is made of Gortex.
We watched the University of Utah play football last night. It was projected on the wall and full life! FUN! Margo slept through most of it, and it was noisy around here.
Tomorrow we are including Margo in our monthly fasting and prays and invite you all to join us.
Margo enters the hospital tomorrow evening for Monday 8:00 AM date with the doctor! kp

Friday, January 2, 2009

New Year's Day

UTAH New Year’s Day-arrived safely on a 54 passenger Delta aircraft. Margo and I sat together in the bulk head. There is very little room in those planes. Bruce and his youngest picked us up. Margo was tired but happy and COLD. The challenge of keeping her blood pressure low is constant, but success has been acceptable. Margo and I both rested until Blake and part of his family came down for dinner. Jack arrived after driving across the desert with a car full of our needs, wants, and even some things that are neither.
Margo checks into the hospital Sunday sometime in prep for the procedure the next day. The MD did the same procedure 2 times last week. We are thankful he is well seasoned. I am told it is NOT a surgery. If you want to know more, Google “aorta intravienous stent”. My spelling might be inaccurate. You will find more than you want to know. You can even find out about her stent and placement. After inviting everyone to visit, Jack would prefer she not have too many visitors. She will be here about 3 weeks and should be feeling pretty good after the first week. I will keep you current here.
Margo’s Advice: If you want your skin to look better, more healthy, with fewer flaws………………..take off your glasses-kp

Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Getting packed to head for Utah. Since Jack is driving, we are sending everything with him and Margo and I are going with a purse and meds. Harve is taking us to the airport so Jack can get an earlier start. Brynn cut Margo's hair last evening and it looks great. She really looks good so she can impress the staff at the hospital as Dr. Yerman's beautiful mom!
Delta does not have us sitting together and has not assigned us seats because reservations were made too late. I am going as Margo's NURSE and caregiver, and if they do not do what we want, she will start screaming, "Help! Help! Nurse, nurse where are you?" We think that will get their attention. I also decided if someone were rude enough to ask if she were my mother, I would say she is my grandmother. Help, what if they ask if she is my daughter? I never thought of that! I guess I will say she is my granddaughter. Margo is less drugged and feeling a lot better. We laugh a lot! I think she will be accepting limited visitors this Friday and Saturday and maybe Sunday at Bruce's place. I cannot promise, but it looks good. Please call first and bring some good laughs with you and lots of See's candy! (That was a joke. We neither want nor need candy, try carrotts! :-) Bruce's phone number is 801-302-8456-kp

Monday, December 29, 2008

Surgery is Planned

Sure do hope this information is correct! Margo is scheduled on this coming Monday for surgery. The plans are she will be in the hospital 2 days. The MDs are pleased with the news from the stint maker.
The hospital is Ogden Regional Medical Center
5475 S 500 E
Ogden, Utah 84405
(801-499 2111)

A Bruce Yerman family member will pick Margo and me up at the airport this Thursday, and we will head for their home in Riverton and stay until surgery. We are not sure if we will go to Ogden on Sunday night or Monday AM.
We will return to Bruce's for recovery because Bruce has a room Margo can get to without going up or down stairs.
Bruce's Address
12299 Laurel Chase Dr
Riverton UT 84065-4398
Keep posted to this blog for more 1/2 truths and guesses! :-) My cell phone is 530-228-1134, and do not bother to leave me a voice message or a text. kp

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sunday Dec. 28, 2008
Margo wants you to know she is NOT responsible for anything I enter in this BLOG!
Margo’s message to everyone is the following:
“Thank you for your cards, prayers, food, kind deeds and thoughts.”
“Loose that extra weight you need to NOW before you cannot do anything about it!”
As you can tell she still is funny-and she is SERIOUS!-kp

December 28 Sunday

Margo and I have our reservations to fly to SLC on Jan. 1 arriving 12:37. We will be flying Delta because it is a direct flight. Jack will take us to the airport then drive to Utah. At this time, surgery is scheduled for Monday, January 5 in Ogden. Brook flies out today returning to Washington; so the care giving will be up to Jack and the Parrotts. Brook will be missed. She has been amzaing! KP

Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dec. 27

Appears KP is the only one entering info here. I have had SO MANY positive comments that I will continue this info realizing it can change at any minute.
Excerpts from a message written by Margo yesterday.

Brook and Matt and Dad worked over me (nice to have people care!); Brook hung up on Bruce & called 911. Granddad (Bruce Brown kp) would have been happy....no sirens!! from fire or ambulance!! I guess Dad gave me a blessing before anyone got there. Blair ran thru the stroke symptoms...fine.

Long story short and more than you want t o know: ambulance to Chico, where ER was very crowded. EKG, x-rays, drip to get blood pressure down...again. Solution: I had put a bit of nitroglycerin under my tongue while talking to Bruce. Trying to get BP below about 137. Guess I did! then waited 2 hours for ER doc to get cardiologist confirmation that I could go home ...home about 2::30 AM. It was comforting to have Brook and Matt there for a while It was comforting to have Parrotts come over before the emergency equipment.

Solution: nitro only if I am lying down and something different instead. Sorry I scared everybody. Glad I have so many who care. This tells me I MUST go to Utah to get the stint put in.

We here in Paradise are anticipating a great day today. Brook and Matt and "kids" leave tomorrow. We will head for Utah for the surgery that is scheduled for the 5th. Margo's challenge is to take good care of herself and follow the MD instructions so she will be as healthy as possible for the surgery.
Thanks for your prayers and caring! KP

Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas Day Night

Margo was taken to Enloe Hospital in Chico last evening and spent the night for tests. Last news I heard was the task of keeping her blood pressure low was accomplished, only it got a little too low, and she passed out. The family thought it might have been a stroke, but Blair (my CHP) was here and assured them it was not a stroke. The next thought was an internal bleed. Thankfully it was just a blood pressure problem, relatively minor but still scary for the lay person.
Brook and Jack are taking such good care of Margo. We anticipate Margo's return home today!
Thanks for your prayers and caring.
The surgery will be in Ogden, Utah. Blake lives in Kaysville and commutes to Ogden to work. kp

Thursday, December 25, 2008


All is well in Paradise. Margo came over to Parrotts for the traditional Christmas Eve Family Night. (Jack went home early because he was falling asleep on my couch.) We all LAUGHED a lot, and Margo joined in everything including looking for the hidden whole almond in the rice pudding. They stayed up late because Brook's husband Matt arrived late at night just like Santa and had some getting ready for the big morning. Christmas AM Margo and Jack even came over to snack with our family enjoying Christmas AM breakfast and more laughing with the full time missionaries and checking out the gifts exchanged.
Margo's blood pressure is under control, and it might be helped that she is taking some anti-anxiety meds. Her "stress" is now caused by wondering about, deciding on, and anticipating surgery. I told Margo and Jack that when they go to Utah I will go to help take care of Margo. I can stay in the hospital with her or take turns with Jack. That way we can both be rested. Maybe we will even get a hotel near the hospital and stay there. I understand Blake is only 1/2 hour away but in the snow and late at night, that is not as convenient as it sounds. We will see!
The news is, Margo is holding her own and still doing as well as can be expected. She has good care, and we feel prayers are being answered!
Keep those cards and letters coming! KP

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Day

Brynn created this Blog as my Christmas Present so you can keep up on Margo's condition. I wrote a masterpiece for you all to read and LOST IT! Makes me want to swear. Several family memeber can make entries so I will sign mine-kp for Karen Parrott.
Margo's condition is so rare that treatment changes or is modified often. Blake is her "attending physician" and we are THANKFUL FOR HIM! The medical decions are left to Blake. Brook has been here from Washington since the first event with her two daughters. BROOK IS AMAZING and her children impressive. (That means Margo and Jack must be good parents.) Brook's husband and son were to arrive Sunday but flights were cancelled. He might be here tonight.
Since Margo is a VERY private person this is hard for her. As any human, it is nice to know we are loved; so we all appreciate your caring. Phone calls can be frustrating for her since she does not like to cry. If you call, please let whoever answers know you would like to speak to her, but that it is fine if she does not feel like talking.
Last night sitting at the kitchen counter it appeared as if ALL IS WELL! This is not like being sick because she really is not. Her body has had a major malfunction.
Margo is having her hair cut today and that will make her feel better
She has chest pains and sensitive skin that is frustrating because they cannot find a reason.
We are doing our best to keep her home environment peaceful-All is calm, all is bright.
Please send FUNNY cards. I have heard laughter lowers blood pressure and heals.
If you have any specific questions, my e-mail address is kpslk@aol.com. If I do not know the answer, I will make up one or ask the person who does know. KP

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Margo has returned home from the hospital. The goal is to use medication to keep her blood pressure down. The other goal is to keep her from getting frusterated and working on things around the house.

There is a tentative date to have surgery in January. They are still discussing options.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Margo had High Blood pressure today and was taken to Enloe. They lowered it with an IV. She is not a very good patient since she is to have BED rest and walk ONLY to the bathroom from the bedroom.


This is set up to keep you up to date with the happenings of Margo's aorta.

December 15, 2008
Dear Friends, Mom, Margo, is in the hospital. She went in on Friday with chest pains. We learned it is not her heart but a rare dissection in the Aorta that runs the length of her torso. It is virtually untreatable, and quite dangerous, although we are looking into options. She is in Enloe hospital in Chico and depending on test, she may be home in a day or two. This is the "best case scenario." What does this mean? She must change her lifestyle completely with no physical exertion beyond leveled walking -- and she needs to reduce stress, which as you know, will likely increases stress in her! Although scared, she is in fair spirits and enjoys good humor and is hopeful. I thought you should know and I thank you for your prayers with us.