Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Jan 6 PM, Jan 7 AM

Surprise! Margo is out of the hospital. Isn't that great! That means she is doing better than she looks! Jack and I went to visit, and the nurse said the doctor has released her and she can go home today! You have got to be kidding me! She has not walked to the bathroom, has not had solid food, has thrown up, is in pain, and looks like she is dead! Just before leaving the hospital, her blood pressure was 146, and PA told us it was not to go over 130. Hooray, now I get to take care of her! :-) This is Karen's intensive care!
About 7:00 PM after placing Margo in a wheel chair and delivering her to the waiting car, Jack had to lift her into the car because she was too weak to even raise her foot, then she threw up again, and we hurried to get her oxygen on her. We drove the 20 or so miles to Blake's rather than heading for Bruce's because Margo wanted to go to Blake's. It had nothing to do with anything other than she wanted to go to Blake's. After getting her in the house, it was decided by Jack and me to just stay here because she was so weak, and it would be a chore to get her back into the car and then out of the car again in Riverton. She did not care one way or the other.
It was decided to have her sleep in the couch in the family room and Jack wanted to sleep on the blow up next to her where he could help her if she needed anything. Blake, Kat, and I were visiting in the front room, I heard a noise and ran in to where she was. She needed some help and could not move. The three of us helped her for about 1/2 an hour, giving her pain meds, holding her as she threw up AGAIN, cleaned up the mess and redid her sleeping arrangement so she was sitting up more to prevent her from choking. We got her oxygen on her, visited a little, Blake and Kat said goodnight and Jack is still asleep on the floor on the blow up next to her. I have change my sleeping arrangements from the bed down stair to the love seat next to Margo...with Jack sleeping on the floor near us to help us out! I am laughing, and I am alone at the computer.
How is Margo doing? In my opinion and Blake's she should still be in the hospital. It is reassuring that the doctor who deals with these things constantly feels Margo no longer needs to be in the hospital and is doing GREAT! Whoopee!
Margo is to walk 5-10 minutes 4 times a day to increase her non-existent stamina and breath deeply to decrease her chances for pneumonia. The reminder of "big breaths" brings smiles as we think of other words that sound similar.
It is time for me to write the hospital orders that were given verbally so we all are on the same page and our memories are refreshed. WHAT A DAY TO REMEMBER and I really have not told you 1/2 of the happenings of Jan. 6, 2009. It is 12:25 but that is only 11:25 in California, unless I have messed up again. I hear the wonderful duet of snoring from the couch and blow up. LIFE IS GOOD and we are blessed. Thanks, Harve, for letting me be here! kp (I did not even read this over!) 6:25 AM. I pulled an all nighter. Now Jack tells me he was awake all the time! Do I believe him?


  1. That is awesome...so glad things are progressing! Sounds miserable for Margo, though. I loved the comment of the "wonderful duet of snoring"...funny stuff!! Tell Margo hello and let her know we're thinking of her.

  2. You guys need to write a book...it would be funny to read. I get extremely sick from anethesia...not good for me, so I know about the throwing up. Glad she has such a loving family...I might kill my sister if I had to take care of her.

  3. I find myself checking your blog many times a day, KP. Thanks for keeping us informed. Give Margo my love. Tell her we have a date for lunch when she is up to it...

    Take care, Flo

  4. Hello friends. I have been following all the details--Our thought and prayers are with you and Jack, Margo--Hang in there--we will get through these days! Love, Georgeanna and Lloyd

  5. i just couldn't keep from saying "oh" "oh" when reading your blog. i'm sure she feels a bit safer knowing blake is in the house and can take care of any "emergency." our love and prayers to all of you - thanks for the update. bobbie & dave xo

  6. Wow Karen, when you get back I will put you on my nursing staff!
    You might want to check in with the Case Manager at the hospital to see if there is anything that they can do to help you. Normally the Case Managers are nurses who help facilitate the patient in to the home setting. My concerns would be with continued nausea (should they be looking at different pain control?) and generalized weakness.
    Did they send you home with an incentive spirometer (a device for her to blow in to every hour)? They help with those big breaths (or breasts!).
    Hang in there.
    You are yours are in our prayers.
    Kate McDonald