Thursday, January 8, 2009


(Another miracle...I found my entry from this AM!)
Yesterday was a good day. I took a rest in the afternoon. When I got up Margo was gone. The sun was shining and Blake and Jack had taken her for a ride. How is Margo doing? The question would have to be "compared to what?" I'm pleased with where she has come from and where she is. The doctors are positive about her prognosis. Recovery is interesting but coming along. Jack is really cute with her. It has been VERY HARD on Jack. He needs our love and prayer, too.

How am I doing? I only write this because everyone asks. I amaze myself, and it is not ME. I have been blessed with EVERYTHING I have needed when it was needed (except my cell phone). I have been able to get up early, stay up late, hear important sounds, make good decisions, think clearly, and be in the right place at the right time. Margo and I have had some good visits and Jack and I have had a very special, fun time together. People have a hard time knowing how we are related. In the hospital two people were told I was his 2nd wife. I am the "bad guy", but Margo will only get better if she moves around, eats, drinks, takes her meds, etc. Jack wants to let Margo do what SHE remembers, and wants to let her sleep because she is so tired. Of course that is an exaggeration (slight :-). I just asked Margo what she wanted me to tell you. "I am grateful. I am grateful for people". The message was delivered with sincerity and some tears. Thanks from ME, too.

We are heading to Riverton about noon today for a few days. There is a doctor's appointment next Tuesday back up here. In Riverton, we will have the unvailing of the "wound" for the girls to see that Mita has not been ruined by the incision so she cannot wear a bikini. We'll laugh and enjoy just like we have been here in Kaysville. GREAT FAMILIES!

Margo is reading the morning paper. She looks very pretty sort of like she has had people waiting on her! :-) kp

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  1. i don't know why, but i was concerned when there wasn't anything to read yesterday. where are my positive thoughts - so glad you are doing well, too. being the caregiver is very hard - i know Margo is so thankful for all the skilled people that have worked on her and for her. and is recovering well because of all the love she is receiving. we are so happy that all is going well. give jack and all our love too. bobbie & dave xo