Sunday, January 11, 2009


Sunday is a great day and Margo is doing better every day. She is up for longer periods of time and appears to have less pain. She has not complained of her “wound” one time today. Her blood pressure is still the uncontrolled area but it is getting better as medication is added.
Bruce was researching ways to lower blood pressure and found an article on how “passing stinky gas” lowers blood pressure. Sarah has beans on the stove today and we are organizing a service project to assist Margo in lowering her blood pressure. Jack considers it a really good service doing vicarious work for the living.
Margo is concerned that I will tell her she has not had enough water, enough exercise, etc. She is more afraid of me than her health! Today she admitted she was just lazy. It made me smile. One side effect of any heart surgery is depression. She has a daily med for that, but it probably has not kicked in yet. I think she is doing remarkably. Now that we have her on recovery, I do not want her meds fouled up or have her get pneumonia and have to deal with that. Those side effects are controllable. Until later! kp


  1. So, now we can blame you guys for global warming! Have fun in your tooting party and open a window! :-)

  2. I just got a note from Elder and Sister Don & Linda Smith. Sis Smith asked that I post that they send their love and to tell Margo that she is in their prayers and they have put her name on the Nauvoo Temple Prayer Roll.
    Thanks Karen for your blog. Tell Margo ...though she already probably knows it, that she is in my prayers well as you and Jack.