Saturday, January 3, 2009

Sat. Jan. 3

All is well. We are struggling a little with blood pressure (Margo's not mine!) but doing OK.
Margo had too much company today and is tired. Right now she is learning to be an MD by reading the pamphlet on how the procedure is done. We are hoping the doctor has read the book! The stent is made by GORE (W.L. Gore and Associates, Inc.) I would suppose it is made of Gortex.
We watched the University of Utah play football last night. It was projected on the wall and full life! FUN! Margo slept through most of it, and it was noisy around here.
Tomorrow we are including Margo in our monthly fasting and prays and invite you all to join us.
Margo enters the hospital tomorrow evening for Monday 8:00 AM date with the doctor! kp

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  1. We simply wanted you to know that the Yerman family, especially Margo, is in our prayers and we support you from the old hometown of Woodland. Thank you for creating and keeping this blog up to date.
    PAX and Blessings
    Armand and Donna Jaques