Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday in Riverton

Every day Margo gets slowly better, but her progress in specific areas is inconsistent. It is not like her to sit around, and that is mostly what she does. She is watching a little TV now and is ready for visitors. Please call first and please limit the time you stay. If you want to stop by on your way to another destination and stay just a minute to say "hello", it probably would not be necessary to call. She is usually here, but since I am NOT in charge, someone could load her in the car and whisk her away.
Margo and I have great, laughing conversation, but sadly she cannot remember what we have said. Today is pick up your feet to walk, breath deeply, shoulders back, and drink 8 cups of liquid. Everything has to be recorded, because she (and Jack because he is so kind) thinks she has walked more, drank more, and breathed deeply plenty of times, etc.
Life is good, and we are blessed! kp

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