Friday, January 9, 2009


New snow and good to be alive. We are thankful for good friends and probably for bad ones, too. FRIENDS are GREAT.
Margo is doing better, but Jack "dropped" his "cookies" last night about 11:30 as we were getting Margo settled in bed. I AM THANKFUL HE MADE IT TO THE BATHROOM BEFORE THE ACTION. I was not looking forward to being his maid. The night went well getting up 2 times and up in time for Margo to join the Bruce Yermans for scripture study about 6:00. Margo never wants to eat so I try to fix special things that look good to her. Avocado toast is a favorite of hers right now.
Today was shower day. Every task is a chore and often quite funny. Up the 12 stairs letting her do as much as she can herself. (I am "slapping" Jack's hands to have him quit babying her.) The shower is wonderful and VERY LARGE but it seemed small with the three of us in there. Margo without a stitch, Jack in his street pants sans shoes and me in my nightgown and robe. I was not planning on getting in. My robe is quite heavy from water, but my spirits are light.
Margo LOVES her cards and flowers. Seemingly small things are treasured and enjoyed.
We still struggle with her blood pressure. She started a new med today and thus far, her readings are really good. It makes me smile because it is 11:15 in the AM and her meds were given about 8:15. We are thankful for small miracles.
Thanks for Wendy's mother, Sheila, letting us know the skin improvement technique Margo mentioned ALSO makes everyone else have nice skin, too. AMAZING! Two tricks for the price of one! TRY IT! I guess if you do not wear glasses, you can just cross your eyes. KP
PS We are trying hard to wipe the words "tired" from our vocabulary. "As a man thinketh, so is he."


  1. Karen...we love you too and Jack. Thanks for taking such good care of Margo.

  2. I sent Margo some pretty funny stuff on an e-mail yesterday, I hope she's well enough to laugh.
    Hang in there Karen and Jack, it's tough being a caretaker.
    Karen Spilsbury

  3. Karen--thanks so much for the time and effort you have taken to keep us informed--I put Margo and Jack's name on the prayer rolls of the Fresno Temple last night. Give them our love--keep on keeping on--love, Lloyd and Georgeanna