Wednesday, December 31, 2008


Getting packed to head for Utah. Since Jack is driving, we are sending everything with him and Margo and I are going with a purse and meds. Harve is taking us to the airport so Jack can get an earlier start. Brynn cut Margo's hair last evening and it looks great. She really looks good so she can impress the staff at the hospital as Dr. Yerman's beautiful mom!
Delta does not have us sitting together and has not assigned us seats because reservations were made too late. I am going as Margo's NURSE and caregiver, and if they do not do what we want, she will start screaming, "Help! Help! Nurse, nurse where are you?" We think that will get their attention. I also decided if someone were rude enough to ask if she were my mother, I would say she is my grandmother. Help, what if they ask if she is my daughter? I never thought of that! I guess I will say she is my granddaughter. Margo is less drugged and feeling a lot better. We laugh a lot! I think she will be accepting limited visitors this Friday and Saturday and maybe Sunday at Bruce's place. I cannot promise, but it looks good. Please call first and bring some good laughs with you and lots of See's candy! (That was a joke. We neither want nor need candy, try carrotts! :-) Bruce's phone number is 801-302-8456-kp


  1. My prayers and well wishes are with you as you travel, as you prepare, as you recover and return. You need to hurry back we love and miss you already!!!Ogden Regional has aa awesome cardiology wing, its a cool hospital too!

  2. This entry made me laugh so much! If you are having as much fun as I had reading it, Margo will be just fine because "laughter is the best medicine." We will be fasting for you and you have been in our prayers continuously. All our Love, Charlene and the boys