Thursday, December 25, 2008


All is well in Paradise. Margo came over to Parrotts for the traditional Christmas Eve Family Night. (Jack went home early because he was falling asleep on my couch.) We all LAUGHED a lot, and Margo joined in everything including looking for the hidden whole almond in the rice pudding. They stayed up late because Brook's husband Matt arrived late at night just like Santa and had some getting ready for the big morning. Christmas AM Margo and Jack even came over to snack with our family enjoying Christmas AM breakfast and more laughing with the full time missionaries and checking out the gifts exchanged.
Margo's blood pressure is under control, and it might be helped that she is taking some anti-anxiety meds. Her "stress" is now caused by wondering about, deciding on, and anticipating surgery. I told Margo and Jack that when they go to Utah I will go to help take care of Margo. I can stay in the hospital with her or take turns with Jack. That way we can both be rested. Maybe we will even get a hotel near the hospital and stay there. I understand Blake is only 1/2 hour away but in the snow and late at night, that is not as convenient as it sounds. We will see!
The news is, Margo is holding her own and still doing as well as can be expected. She has good care, and we feel prayers are being answered!
Keep those cards and letters coming! KP

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