Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dec. 27

Appears KP is the only one entering info here. I have had SO MANY positive comments that I will continue this info realizing it can change at any minute.
Excerpts from a message written by Margo yesterday.

Brook and Matt and Dad worked over me (nice to have people care!); Brook hung up on Bruce & called 911. Granddad (Bruce Brown kp) would have been sirens!! from fire or ambulance!! I guess Dad gave me a blessing before anyone got there. Blair ran thru the stroke symptoms...fine.

Long story short and more than you want t o know: ambulance to Chico, where ER was very crowded. EKG, x-rays, drip to get blood pressure down...again. Solution: I had put a bit of nitroglycerin under my tongue while talking to Bruce. Trying to get BP below about 137. Guess I did! then waited 2 hours for ER doc to get cardiologist confirmation that I could go home ...home about 2::30 AM. It was comforting to have Brook and Matt there for a while It was comforting to have Parrotts come over before the emergency equipment.

Solution: nitro only if I am lying down and something different instead. Sorry I scared everybody. Glad I have so many who care. This tells me I MUST go to Utah to get the stint put in.

We here in Paradise are anticipating a great day today. Brook and Matt and "kids" leave tomorrow. We will head for Utah for the surgery that is scheduled for the 5th. Margo's challenge is to take good care of herself and follow the MD instructions so she will be as healthy as possible for the surgery.
Thanks for your prayers and caring! KP


  1. So glad you are keeping us all up to date. I have been checking this every day while I am here in WA. So glad Margo has many who love her and we all want her to LIVE!

  2. Our prayers go with you to Utah. Please bring Margo back well and whole. We need her!

  3. Have a safe trip to Utah...we pray it all goes well! When will Margo be making the trip back to Paradise? I assume it will be awhile. Keep us updated...I check every day.

  4. Dear Margo,

    Our thoughts and prayers are with you. We will put a white light around you to keep you safe. We will keep checking on your progress.
    Love, Babs and Bill