Monday, December 22, 2008


This is set up to keep you up to date with the happenings of Margo's aorta.

December 15, 2008
Dear Friends, Mom, Margo, is in the hospital. She went in on Friday with chest pains. We learned it is not her heart but a rare dissection in the Aorta that runs the length of her torso. It is virtually untreatable, and quite dangerous, although we are looking into options. She is in Enloe hospital in Chico and depending on test, she may be home in a day or two. This is the "best case scenario." What does this mean? She must change her lifestyle completely with no physical exertion beyond leveled walking -- and she needs to reduce stress, which as you know, will likely increases stress in her! Although scared, she is in fair spirits and enjoys good humor and is hopeful. I thought you should know and I thank you for your prayers with us.

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