Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Day

Brynn created this Blog as my Christmas Present so you can keep up on Margo's condition. I wrote a masterpiece for you all to read and LOST IT! Makes me want to swear. Several family memeber can make entries so I will sign mine-kp for Karen Parrott.
Margo's condition is so rare that treatment changes or is modified often. Blake is her "attending physician" and we are THANKFUL FOR HIM! The medical decions are left to Blake. Brook has been here from Washington since the first event with her two daughters. BROOK IS AMAZING and her children impressive. (That means Margo and Jack must be good parents.) Brook's husband and son were to arrive Sunday but flights were cancelled. He might be here tonight.
Since Margo is a VERY private person this is hard for her. As any human, it is nice to know we are loved; so we all appreciate your caring. Phone calls can be frustrating for her since she does not like to cry. If you call, please let whoever answers know you would like to speak to her, but that it is fine if she does not feel like talking.
Last night sitting at the kitchen counter it appeared as if ALL IS WELL! This is not like being sick because she really is not. Her body has had a major malfunction.
Margo is having her hair cut today and that will make her feel better
She has chest pains and sensitive skin that is frustrating because they cannot find a reason.
We are doing our best to keep her home environment peaceful-All is calm, all is bright.
Please send FUNNY cards. I have heard laughter lowers blood pressure and heals.
If you have any specific questions, my e-mail address is If I do not know the answer, I will make up one or ask the person who does know. KP

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  1. This is a great idea...and I sooo love the header...very cute! I am forwarding our blog address...not that I think our is so wonderful, but there are some funny things about the kids on occasion. Hope all is going well today, pleas tell her we love her and she and the family are in our prayers!